Mobile Home

In 1970 the house was built,
not from the ground up, of course,
but pushed up from the ground floor,
and what an experience to have piggybacked

the new floor joists to the old ceiling boards,
then subfloor with 3/4 ply and frame it up.
I thought it made me a Renaissance man.
We are now buying a 1967 mobile unit with

cheesy walls and flexible flooring, but it was
owned by an old artist, and we are sure his spirit
hangs there to keep us buoyed. It makes
economic sense, of course. And the yard

is arranged with lovely trees. Artistically.
I think I am slipping on a business suit.
Oh, I am a house snob. Architecture
is my favorite art form. It sweeps me along

the way faith does so many of my siblings and
offspring and a friend here and there. So
this mobile thing is a bottom line issue
and will not prostitute my soul. Right?