Sue Could Be a Lion Tamer

She doesn’t hesitate
to pick up Pele after the
little beast has been shredding
one piece of furniture or another.

She simply scoops her
onto her shoulder with a
little “now, now, you know
better than that” as her gnarly

husband quietly considers
drop kicking the cat through the
gold post of life.  Oh sure, she plays
soccer like a pro and has a kind of

psychotic sense of humor,
and does horizontal jumps off the
back of the leather sofa after approach-
ing it from the back of the house at 60 mph.

But Sue is not daunted.
“She’ll calm down; we’ve only
had her a couple of months.”  It
just seems longer to narley Charlie.

“We’ll just put her in time
out when she’s bad, and let
her know we love her, and civilize
her fury little butt.”  You can bet the

farm on it.  Sue and Job have things in common.