Working productively is
its own reward. Boring paint-
ing allows thinking of more import-
ant things than the completed job,

while exerting a greater
physical effort, that in the
younger days would have
verged on exhilarating, leaves

the old body in need
of rest. BUT, if the job
gets done, it sends in the
awesome perk of I ain’t dead

yet . Sure, the old bod'
is slow and reacts to the labor
complainingly. Still the completed
job is its own reward. It’s like defying

time, or eating your favorite
food without consequence. Not
bad, friends. All this upgrading the
rental for the future occupant makes

for tax right offs, a little profit,
a sense of accomplishment, and
roughed up skin on one’s hands plus
developing a sense of being business smart.

Careful now, don’t get carried
away. Perhaps the real cause of
feeling good is the measurable im-
provement of an older property, a kind

of preservation thing for human occupancy.